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Rorschach test

Rorschach test
In the Rorschach test (pronounced "ROR-shock") has been popular in films and books for decades, but most people know little about them. In the Rorschach cards must remain secret, although the contours of which can be found on various websites and in medical texts. (Note that usually when Rorschach ink blots on films and books that are not real blots.

Blot Privacy
In the Rorschach ink blots will be kept secret so as not to "contaminate" the study population (those tested too). The theory behind the test is that Hermann Rorschach test-seller spontaneous unrehearsed answers or showing profound secret or confidential information about the identity of the seller or intimate thoughts. These days are the most famous psychologists, Rorschach is unreliable at best and misleading at worst dangerously. Some psychologists still believe in the current diagnostic tool, but despite the availability of modern, highly developed personality tests. Psychologists, who are still in them often argue between themselves, relative to the type of interpretation, the significance of the results, and even its relevance. In addition, the various schools of thought have to "interpret" the results, further muddying the water. Ender in the global system for the Rorschach is one of the most popular is the scoring method used today.

Rorschach Test Administration In the Rorschach test was reportedly conducted in a very rigid format or a protocol for the discrepancies in the results. (As for the card itself must be tried in secret to the public, by the way. As a rule, or to ask about the survey results to reflect the importance of the test providers, and almost nothing on the blots themselves. For example, ask if you can move the map around the "mean" something in the sample donor.
The probe trial rarely, if ever, give you the direction that instead of saying that you are free to do whatever you want with the card (flip it, rotate, give, etc.). Over 50% of people take the test does not rotate or rotate the map, and the psychologist must take into account, and all of them. Some psychologists said that you are punished (in terms of results) if not lower, or maps. Overall, this is something very strange people, the results of Rorschach and almost the only criterion to use is the same.

Test In the standard protocol of tests, see the map at a time in a certain order, a psychologist and they are expected to direct his hands, the "up" and to a certain orientation. The procedure is not very different. The real Rorschach cards are numbered on the back for the first use of a psychologist. If you notice any issue or comment on them, and the information is supposed to be so. The maps are large, about 6 3 / 4 of 9 cm and are made of hard cardboard and in a modern version, the structure of plastic, which simulates the feel of cardboard. Five of these cards are just black and white images, two maps of black, white and red, and the last three cards have different colors of ink blots.

During testing, the psychologist or psychiatrist, you have everything that you say, some of them with a tape recorder so they can extract more detailed, notes later, after studying more than you are. Previously, it was so that the notes are in a special short specifically developed for the Rorschach test, but these days many other psychologists in the film, and only superficially handwritten notes during the test. Most psychologists are trying to protect his taking note of you, so do not distract you or you are nervous (false results).
Response Times The time it takes a verbal response observed carefully, along with all other secondary reviews, you can. Gestures and body movements may also be considered. The report of the classic test, the psychologist should not be "rushed" or ask them to respond. Additionally, records are often experts in the field, because at the time of its response later (and better) in their spare time.

Your reply According some psychologists, explains: "This is a. .." "bad" response. You should know that the card has not seen all the numbers, something like "Looks like ..." considered "healthy" reaction. If you think about this concern and no silly literalism. No one, who said: "This is ..." In response to the card really think that the fact that the map is actually a picture of yourself. If they are probably suffering from mental disorders, as well as evidence in the first place.

Some psychologists and psychiatrists believe that the tilt of the card at an angle is "bad" answer (or at least an "unhealthy" one.) Also try a smart ass, and that is just the color stains are very poor response. Sounds, part or as a card against you, it can also be taken as an indication of possible brain damage. (Interestingly The noise was angry in session or part of the display table, which is better as a whole, not as a sign of brain damage. Go figure.)
Good and bad answers What is a "good" response from the "bad" response? It is a difficult question, and even psychologists, who, under oath in the Rorschach Test did not agree to that (although there is some agreement that the poor response). The best way would probably be a "see" a healthy and pleasant images. Avoid dark or violent actions ( "I see Satan in the child's brain power!"). Butterflies, a man with his hands, leaves, mountains, etc, are generally considered "safe" responses (but is not guaranteed when the Rorschach). They show how a particular form of something like: "Go to tell him his fault. If you are using a new or interesting, you can answer" points "for creativity. This is, however, that ultimately, it is usually for examining and interpreting responses. This is in direct contradiction to the objective test, such as the MMPI and MMPI-2

Do not try to absurd, provocative, stubborn, opposition, the evidence for not all the donors (and, indeed, usually in front of you). Sexual excess, or answers, as suspected, discovered, as a rule, and the points against you. For far too long to respond, or respond at a time (not all the time, on the map at all) is almost always against you. How much does the exam, but also the ultra-fast and slow reactions and responses to the Finnish Rorschach cards are considered "bad." The answer for this question is now more than likely not much more than the examiner sour on you. Taking too long to reply or try to disrupt your patience.

Forms and visualization Some psychologists believe they should have a limited number of forms, or "articles" on each card. See things totally differently than the typical reaction, or claiming that you can see, there is nothing in any case not against them in terms of Rorschach scoring and can lead to the conclusion that "disability" or a potential disruption mental. There are so many different things in the map may also be a sign of cognitive problems, including schizophrenia. Meanwhile, you should always have the idea that it is indeed difficult to "win" if the Rorschach test.

In "Follies of the Wise" in Frederick Crews investigated the Rorschach test and was not impressed. Crew wrote:

"The movement and color responses of the utmost importance on the weight of the Rorschach cards. He thought that consideration should be taken to many movements (" M "), reactions, ironically, in the territory or internal, intellectual and creative, but awkward and socially inept. In contrast, issues that are of color ( "C") or light-sensitive response Extras fingers in the business, but also impulsive and restless. Those who have the highest number of M and P values AD reached "major" or "habitual" healthy mix of internal and extra-sensitive features. However low and a similar number of P-My stigmatizing reactions to topics such coactive or missing as a creative and emotional stability.

..." Oddly enough, for example, he (Rorschach), the recommencement to evaluate the image associated with your child when sitting at a desk or on the vampire in a coffin to sleep, because" muscle tone " supposedly means. Although the dog and the circus issued Rorschach movement, a cat and a mouse to catch fish in the water fast, not because the founder, has been an important move as "a person as" functions .

Rorschach and as a "splitter" or "complaint" to try to take advantage of them, attention to detail, rather than images, as well as those who stopped in front of a color (not black and white) shows the "clash color, which in turn meant (of course) that they were "neurotic repressor" emotions.

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